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PlayHouse is the subscription platform that actually cares about creators. Sign up now & take home 100% for 2 weeks!

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💸 Subscriptions

Earn money from subscriptions

Put your exclusive content behind a paywall for your top fans to subscribe to, generating you recurring revenue.

💬 Messaging

Connect with your fans with messaging

Connect with your fans via direct messages - paid or for free!

👀 Pay-to-view

Sell content with pay-to-view

Upsell your most exclusive content with pay-to-views.

Sign up this month, earn more

Join the fastest growing platform in the creator economy and earn 100% for 2 weeks.

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Join a platform that actually cares

We're the fastest growing platform in the creator economy because we care about all creators.

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Simple & easy to get started

Become a verified creator ready to start earning in less than 3 minutes.

All the features you need to succeed

AI Features

The first platform with Al messaging and analytics all in one place to increase your earnings 24/7.

Audio & Video Calls

Set your availability for premium, pay-per-minute audio and video calls, letting fans pre-book sessions.

Custom Requests

Accept custom requests to create personalized, paid content that caters to individual preferences.


Maximize your earnings with free or pay-to-view livestreams. Schedule streams for peak engagement.

Stories & Reels

Engage and retain your audience with stories, reels, and highlights, enhanced with pay-to-view and tipping options.

24/7 Support

Experience round-the-clock peace of mind with our 24/7 support, ready for anything you need, anytime.

PlayHouse agencies

The only subscription platform with built-in agency features, creator management and commissions all in one place.

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What Creators say about us

“PlayHouse gives me the control to express myself authentically without the fear of censorship. Their support is unmatched. This is the future of the creator economy!”

Lucy Banks Avatar
Lucy Banks
Creator | 150k+ followers

“PlayHouse is a safe haven. They support diverse voices and foster a space where mental health isn't taboo. This is a place where you belong, exactly as you are.”

Suzan Mutesi Avatar
Suzan Mutesi
Actor | 1m+ followers

“PlayHouse gets it. They understand what it takes to hustle as a creator. If you're ready to step into your power and make your mark, start with PlayHouse.”

Cyrell Paule Avatar
Cyrell Paule
Reality TV | 400k+ followers

Frequently asked questions

What is PlayHouse?

PlayHouse is a subscription social platform that empowers all creators to share, earn, and connect with their fans. We are built for creators and optimised for fans.

Who can be a creator on PlayHouse?

PlayHouse is a home for all creators, you could be an influencer, adult creator, athlete, artist and so much more. We've built a home free of overbearing censorship.

How much can I make on PlayHouse?

The total you can earn on PlayHouse is unlimited, you're totally in control. With PlayHouse you take home 85% of your earnings. There are creators on the platform making hundreds of thousands each month, the sky's your limit!

How long does it take to become a creator?

Less than 3 minutes! Once you have created an account, all you need to do is go through our instant ID verification process and you'll be good to go.