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Find your agency

Connect with verified agencies that understand your vision and help you reach new heights.

PlayHouse Post Types

Control your content

Tailor your content strategy with public, subscriber-only, and exclusive paid options.

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Install the PlayHouse mobile app

Access your favorite creator platform anytime, anywhere. Enjoy a smooth, app-like experience with our installable PWA.

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Discover new creators on the explore page

Explore a world of content tailored to your interests. Filter by posts, creators, or hashtags to discover the creators that matter most to you.

🎬 Reels

Unlock new revenue with tip-enabled reels

Embrace the power of short-form videos to reach new audiences. Create, share, and get rewarded with tip-enabled content.


Top up your wallet for a smooth, streamlined way to support your favorite creators.


Get updates on new content, messages, and more with instant push notifications.

VIP Chat

Stand out in the crowd with VIP chat. Ensure your messages get priority placement in creators' inboxes.

Custom Lists

Create custom lists to tailor content and promotions for different segments of your fans.

Global Payouts

Withdraw your earnings instantly, directly to your bank account. No fees, no waiting.

Dark Mode

Switch to dark mode for reduced eye strain and a smoother viewing experience.

What Creators say about us

“PlayHouse gives me the control to express myself authentically without the fear of censorship. Their support is unmatched. This is the future of the creator economy!”

Lucy Banks Avatar
Lucy Banks
Creator | 150k+ followers

“PlayHouse is a safe haven. They support diverse voices and foster a space where mental health isn't taboo. This is a place where you belong, exactly as you are.”

Suzan Mutesi Avatar
Suzan Mutesi
Actor | 1m+ followers

“PlayHouse gets it. They understand what it takes to hustle as a creator. If you're ready to step into your power and make your mark, start with PlayHouse.”

Cyrell Paule Avatar
Cyrell Paule
Reality TV | 400k+ followers