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The only subscription platform with built-in agency features, creator management and commissions all in one place.

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Unleash your agency's full potential

Ditch the clunky tools. PlayHouse is the all-in-one platform designed to manage talent, streamline operations, and boost your bottom line. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to scalable success.

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Effortless management, unlimited growth

Our agency-focused features simplify talent management, giving you the power to support your creators and maximize their impact.

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The platform your agency needs to win

From commission tracking to powerful analytics, PlayHouse is the foundation for your agency's success story.

All the features you need to succeed

Manage Creators

Centralize scheduling, content management, and analytics for effortless oversight and optimization.

Simplify Commissions

Automate payouts and withdrawals with confidence for hassle-free, accurate compensation.

Manage Employees

Onboard employees, assign agents to creators, and optimize collaboration across your agency.

Agency Dashboard

Our powerful dashboard puts creator management, analytics, and insights at your fingertips.

Advanced Analytics

Unlock deep insights with advanced analytics on earnings, engagement, and performance trends.

24/7 Support

Experience round-the-clock peace of mind with our 24/7 support, ready for anything you need, anytime.

Outsmart the competition

Manage talent, employees, and operations effortlessly on a platform built specifically for your needs.

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What Creators say about us

“PlayHouse gives me the control to express myself authentically without the fear of censorship. Their support is unmatched. This is the future of the creator economy!”

Lucy Banks Avatar
Lucy Banks
Creator | 150k+ followers

“PlayHouse is a safe haven. They support diverse voices and foster a space where mental health isn't taboo. This is a place where you belong, exactly as you are.”

Suzan Mutesi Avatar
Suzan Mutesi
Actor | 1m+ followers

“PlayHouse gets it. They understand what it takes to hustle as a creator. If you're ready to step into your power and make your mark, start with PlayHouse.”

Cyrell Paule Avatar
Cyrell Paule
Reality TV | 400k+ followers